Ammattiurheilijana toimineiden kokemuksia Feldenkrais®-menetelmästä

Roger Federer, tennis ammattilainen:

”Tennis is becoming more and more a game of movement.” Australian avoimessa tennisturnauksessa, 2013

Travis Zajac, ammattijääkiekkoilija, NHL joukkue New Jersey Devilsin varakapteeni (2014-2021)

“I’m sure it’s not a coincidence but once I started doing the ATM (Feldenkrais) lessons, I’ve been playing the best hockey of my life. Global breathing is my go to. I’ve been doing it night before a game and a little bit after my naps on game day. I do feel the sense of quiet it gives me. It feels like meditation and l love the way it calms me and gets me in the right frame of mind before a game. I’m sure it’s from a combination of the other lessons too, but my posture is better. I don’t find myself hunched over when I’m sitting on the bench after a shift.” 

Rick Acton, yhdysvaltalainen golffari  
(5-time NE PGA Champion, PGA Hall of Famer, 15 major championship wins.)

”…the Feldenkrais Method®® and its unique approach to mind and body has helped me immeasurably, not only in the way I play golf, but also the way I teach the game.”

Chris Boyd
1992 US Track National Champion (5,000 meters)

”I can’t say enough good things about the Feldenkrais Method®. I believe its made the difference between continuing my competitive running career and retiring prematurely.”